Mutual Love

Mutual Love
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 And then you shot across my sky like a meteor Suddenly everything was on fire
 there was brilliancy
 and there was beauty
・・・ My life was like a moonless night

[[x A B O U T ]]

Welcome to mitsukishiroi's graphics journal: souai

Souai is the Japanese word for Mutual Love.

Souai provides a lot of things graphic wise; naturally, icons. But also color bars and mood themes. I try to make it a very open and widely ranged community where you can find all kinds of things so that there'll always be something to your liking. :)

My style is quite simple, I like to experiment with coloring more than with text. Sorry if you don't like~ Just press the small [x] in the right upper corner of your screen and go away now. ♥ Okay enough Red Hot Chili Pepper quoting.

[[x R U L E S ]]

★ Please comment and credit when taking graphics.

☆ Be polite when asking something, whether it's a font type or requesting a mood theme. I work hard on stuff, the least you can do is be nice to me. ♥

★ Please do not edit these icons in any way.

☆ Textless icons are NOT bases. kthnxbai.

★ Don't hotlink under any circumstances, thank you. I don't like the image that shows when photobucket goes into overload.