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mitsukishiroi in souai

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Aaahh question. So people can join..? Or is it just.. Special people. /shot jkdsd

Just asking. Sorry for the inconvenience. ;A; lmao.
Omg, a year later! Everybody can join C:

L-lmfao sob jkdkds;;; i'm just surprised you replied?! HAHAHAHA
HAHHA I KNOW RIGHT. I was like: "Oh, maybe I should update..." and started scrolling and all of the sudden I saw this :'D

Sorry!! Hahahaha ♥
Hey, I know this hasn't been used in quite some time, but I was wondering of the Light Yagami mood theme was still available? I put in a request to join anyway. Thanks!
Moodthemes will be re-uploaded pretty soon for everyone who missed it the first time. Check back soon!
are the Light Yagami moodthemes ever going to be reuploaded? ;n; also is membership still for everybody?